Sunday brunch

Weekend will be a real holiday if you are visiting the best Sunday brunch from 12:00 to 17:00 with your whole family.
   Every Saturday and Sunday the le buffet awaits you at the Family Brunch

from 0 to 3 years - free of charge
from 4 to 11 years, 750 rubles.
adult - 1100 rubles.

   When paying for an adult ticket for 1100 rubles - you can bring your favorite drinks with you.
   Every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00 on the 2nd floor in the restaurant Le buffet.! Favorite drinks can be brought with you (only when paying for an adult ticket, for 1100 rubles)/
   During the working week, each of us has a lot of things, duties and so it is difficult to find the time to spend time with your very own and beloved people. Weekend - this is an excellent occasion to arrange a family weekend and spend it at the Korston Club Hotel! Namely - to visit our family brunch!
   Brunch: a way without worries to spend the weekend with dear people. You really rest when the whole family is assembled. 5 hours of paradise, and you are not alone in this paradise. Many people visit brunches with enviable constancy. They get acquainted with the same happy couples and start, as they say, "make friends at home." For you brunch is also pleasant acquaintances, new friends and a sea of communication.
   On a family brunch, each of our guests will find what to do with themselves.
   While your children have fun and cognitive spend time with our animators who suit them:
- Creative competitions
- Fascinating quizzes
- Master classes
   You are tasting a delicious and varied buffet with hot and cold dishes. Enjoy your favorite drinks that you can bring with you, see the performance that our animators are doing for you along with the kids.

   Our family brunch is the best place where you can celebrate your child's birthday. Games, fun and children's laughter - we guarantee you for 5 hours. The holiday "on a turn-key basis" - we will do everything ourselves!
Phone for information: +7 (4967) 391-999


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