Extra Lounge

Panoramic restaurant Extra Lounge 
Opening time:
Sun - Thu - 14:00 - 02:00
Fri-Sat - 14:00 - 06:00
The average check is 1500 rubles.
Kitchens and dishes - author's European, Russian, Italian, Japanese

Tel: +7 (926) 800-28-69
         +7 (4967) 39-15-15

   Extra Lounge - panoramic restaurant with a picturesque view of the center of the ancient city of Serpukhov from the 15-storey Korston Tower.
   The city remained far below, and somewhere near the beautiful suburban sky. From here it is nice to admire the sunrises and sunsets, see the clouds and observe the flight of birds. However, the most fascinating sight is the night starry sky.
   We invite everyone to make a coveted Extra desire ...
   The restaurant strikes with its entourage! The "green walls" of the restaurant, lined with live plants, attract the attention of guests. From a bird's-eye view, you can enjoy a stunning view of Serpukhov and the picturesque Oka valley.
   Extra lounge allows you to appreciate the beauty of the suburbs surrounding. Exquisite interior, high-class service and cuisine in the style of fusion will give guests a lot of vivid impressions!
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