History of Serpukhov

If you would like to change something in my life and delight yourself with new adventures, the City of Serpukhov is waiting for you!
Our city is famous for its rich history, which is full of exciting events and traditions. Serpukhov saturated with a large number of unique attractions. Among them, one of the most ancient churches and monasteries, rich museums, inscribed parks, monuments, old houses and industrial buildings of the second half of the 18-19 centuries and much more.

2Высоцкий монастырь.jpg
Seprukhov kremlin (1556) 5Собор Николы белого.jpg
Raspadski monastery 3Владычный женский монастырь.jpg
Введенский Владычный монастырь
6Храм Всех Святых.jpg
Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin
Historical and cultural values like the Soldier-Liberator Monument, "Black Tulip"  monument, Chekhov Monument, Monument to Vladimir the Brave, Memorial House Museum of N. Andreev, urban 1860 Water Tower (1926).8Историко-художественный музей..jpg
Peacock Museum11Страусиная ферма.jpg
Central bison nursery Приокско-Террасный заповедник.jpg
Kennel The Siberian Huskyпитомник сибирских хаски.jpg
Magnificent landscape of the Oka River and places of Marina TsvetaevaТаруса.jpg
Pushchino on Nara RiverПущино на Наре.jpg
Village Puschino (1578)
State memorial historical - art and natural museum-reserve of V.D. PolenovПоленово.jpg

FINAM.aeroАэродром ФИНАМ.jpg

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