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   If you want to be in a cozy comfortable place, plunge into the atmosphere of modern cinema with all its special effects, emotions and impressions, then bright and stylish Korston cinema complex is what you are looking for.

   Glamorous interior, comfortable chairs, modern digital projection 2D and 3D equipment, Dolby Digital Surround EX sound, a weekly re-created repertoire is what sets the cinema, and hence its guests, in everyday life and everyday life.

   The friendly and courteous staff of the cinema will not leave without attention a single guest.



   There are many sets to your taste in Kandy bar!

   Korston cinema - one of the best cinemas in Serpukhov/


Each visitor will be able to choose for themselves:


· Optimal viewing time;

· A hall (VIP-hall for 30 seats with a call of waiters, 4 halls from 45 to 150 seats)

· Ticket price (from 100 to 1000 rubles).


   Moreover, connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine and dynamic fast food, energetic bowling and measured billiards, fascinating rides and slot machines, incendiary melodies of a night club will be able to find all this for themselves, literally, coming out of the cinema.

   On the pages of the site you can see the schedule of the Korston-Serpukhov Cinema, select a film, watch the information about the film, watch the commercial, buy a movie ticket online.


   Working hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - from 10.00 to 03.00 the next day;

Saturday - from 10.00 to 03.00 of the next day;

Sunday - from 10.00 to 03.00 the next day


All information about current sessions and films you can get by calling our phone:  +7 (4967) 391-999

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