Brides Ball

Wedding photo shoot in KORSTON CLUB HOTEL


Dear newlyweds!

Every Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00 at the Korston Club Hotel Brides Ball. On this day you can hold a wedding photo session in the unique interiors of hotels and restaurants.

You will have to buy a certificate for 5000 RUB. This certificate can be used for dinner for your guests in one of our restaurants - EVOO, Ju-Ju Bar or Extra Lounge *.


* One certificate is designed for 10 guests. By increasing the number of guests you will have to purchase additional certificates.

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For all newlyweds :

- Interactive entertainment show "Hymen’s guests"

- Wedding buffet;

- A unique gift shop;

- Gifts from the Korston Club Hotel;

- Photo shoot in rooms and a restaurant with panoramic views of Extra Lounge;


Best places to take picture:

Restaurant Extra Lounge with a panoramic view, whose design combines classic and modern, with stunning views of the capital.

Ju-Ju Bar - European restaurant with an elegant interior.

Banquet Facilities Place de Paris - French area under the "open air" with an endless variety of stairs, balconies, amphitheaters, arches and mirrors.

For an additional fee Club floor rooms are available, filming of no more than 4 hours, the offer is only valid upon presentation of proof of marriage.


Telephone: +7 495 939 80 80

Contact e-mail applications to: O.KONKINA@MOW.KORSTON.RU


To allow for a photo session during the week you must:

Write an application with the date and time of the alleged shooting by e-mail O.KONKINA@MOW.KORSTON.RU;

Make a reservation for dinner for guests from 10 000 rubles (not later than two days before the shooting)


You can place an order by filling out the questionnaire below:

Ф.И. невесты / Bride:*
Ф.И. жениха / Groom:*
Контактный номер телефона / Phone number:*
Количество гостей (не включая молодоженов) / Number of guests:*
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Время (Часы:Минуты)Time:*
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