During the weekday everybody has a lot of responsibilities to do and sometimes it is hard to find time to be with your family and most loved ones. Sunday is an opportunity to have a family holiday together at Korston Club Hotel and join us at our Sunday family brunch!


On Sunday family brunch every guest will find something to do.

Our animators will organize fun and educational programs for your kids:

- Creative Competitions

- Fun quiz

- Master classes

You can enjoy our delicious and rich buffet with hot and cold dishes with non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. See our musical performance and the performances of the best artists.


If you want to organize a Sunday Brunch for your children's birthday party- we'll give you exclusive theatrical greeting and custom cake from our pastry!


The cost of the brunch for adults:

3600 RUB – Walk-in

2600 RUB - From 1 to 20 people. When you make an advance payment of 50% and 2 days in advance

2200 RUB. - For groups of 20 and up. With a deposit payment of 50% and 2 days in advance


The cost of the brunch for children (4 - 12 years)

1700 RUB – Walk-in

1200 RUB - When you make an advance payment of 50% and 2 in advance

* Dear guests all gift certificates that was obtained the previous seasons are invalid

Telephones for booking tables for brunch at the hotel (Moscow):

+7 (495) 939-80-77, 939-85-67



You can place an order by filling out the questionnaire below, and we will call you back:

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