Taxi services

 Here at Korston Club Hotel we provide personalized transportation services.

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Price list


Transfer Airport - Hotel
From Domodedovo (DME) 3900 RUB; from hotel 3500 RUB
From Sheremetyevo (SVO) 3800 RUB; from hotel 3300 RUB
From Vnukovo (VKO) 3800 RUB; from hotel 3300 RUB

Transfer from train station 2200 RUB; from hotel 2000 RUB

Taxi rate:
Moscow Center - 1400 RUB per hour
Out of Moscow Ring road - 2800 RUB per hour
Minibus - 3300 RUB per hour

Ones your trip has exceeded the last hour by 15 minutes, the total trip time calculated by rounding an hour towards next hour. The fee for an additional hour will be charged at hourly rate. If the duration of a trip exceeds the last hour by less than 15 minutes, the fee for that excess will be not charged.