The Chef of Korston Club Hotel

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It's time to introduce you to our chef!
The Korston chef - Kazan - Bazarbaev Dovran

Despite the fact that the Dovran's primary specialization is Japanese, European and East Asian cuisine, he is excellent at cooking Mediterranean and Caucasus dishes.

His career began in St. Petersburg where he proved himself as a true professional.

Since 2008, Dovran worked at the local network of Japanese restaurants, and within five years, under his leadership, the project has become one of the most successful in Kazan.

In 2013 he was invited to the Extra Lounge, where, together with the chef Walter Valerio from Just Cavalli Cafe in Milan has developed a menu specially for our restaurant.

Starting October 2014, Dovran is the chief of Korston-Kazan. Under his management, we have developed the menu of Ju-Ju bar, refined menus of other restaurants, bars and cafes. None of any Korston banquets can go without his attention and participation! 

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