80's-90's Disco in Kazan


Amazing combination of comfort and luxury makes the club a truly unique place, allowing to feel the atmosphere when there were no mobile phones and laptops. In this back in time journey, you will meet 70-80-90's of the last century.

The club has a spacious dance floor, and a cozy seating area, where enough space to all lovers of 80's disco. Stay with the company at comfortable sofas or join the bar.

Required components of 80's disco are dazzling colors and fascinating music. All this you will certainly find in our nightclub. 

Dive into the ocean of music from 22.00 to 05.00 every Friday, Saturday and holidays.

Face Control / Dress Code

Address: 1 Ershov, Korston.
Phone number for booking:
(843) 279 3040
Deposit is required 

Party photos can be found at:


For any inquiries e-mail us at: juju@kzn.korston.ru

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