Sunday Branch at Extra Lounge

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Sunday brunch in the Extra Lounge - is not just a late breakfast.  extraforkids.jpg
It is the best way to distract yourself from daily worries and spend some time with your family. You can relax while the kids are distracted by the best animators and babysitters in town.

Professional animator at Extra Lounge Kids will take your children to the whole new world with a program consisting of theater fairy tales, entertaining and informative contests, educational games, children's master classes on needlework.

At any moment you will be able to join a game, or you can continue to enjoy the delicacies of our cuisine, unforgettable panoramic view and the unique atmosphere of our restaurant.

Brunch time: from 13.00 to 17.00 PM

Kids from 3 years old and up

Book your table, call us at: (843) 279-31-31

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