Our Rules


Birthday parties at Korston's Children's park

Dear Guests!

1. Please fill out our entry form every time your child visits the Children’s Park.
2. Children under 4 years old may stay at the Children’s Park only when accompanied by an adult. Entrance is free for one adult accompanying a child under 3.
3. Parents accompanying a child over 4 years of age will be charged according to our rates. The minimum charge is equal to one hour of stay.
4. Children are not allowed to leave the Children’s Park prior to their parents’ return.
5. The Children’s Park participates in the Korston bonus programme. Present your bonus card when purchasing our services.
6. For security reasons, you may not bring your own food or beverages to the Children’s Park.
7. Please do not leave your valuables unattended. We are responsible for your children but not for the personal belongings of our guests.
8. Don’t give your children mobile phones or other small items that can be easily lost (jewelry, toys, etc.).
 9. We will call you upon your child’s request.
10. For everyone’s safety, we do not allow your children to bring sweets or chewing gum to the Children’s Park.
11. We reserve the right to deny access to a child with symptoms of a cold or skin diseases without a doctor’s certificate confirming his discharge status.
12. We reserve the right to expel a child from the Children’s Park in the event that he is aggressive toward other children or ignores the instructions of our staff. 
13. All outdoor clothing is to be kept in our cloak room.
14. You cannot wear your outdoor shoes in the Children’s Park. Please buy shoe covers or bring another pair of shoes. Note that show covers may not be worn on shoes with heels.
15. It is advisable to bring an extra T-shirt for your child.

All of our employees have a medical history sheet.