Amusement park


We invite the whole family to amusement park Korston!

There are more than 70 game machines and attractions to suit all tastes and ages: race track, racing machines, video simulators, air hockey, rocking, carousel and more. More than half of the rides have prize coupons.

Tickets for the rides are from 50 RUB
Working hours from 10.00 to 22.00
Call us at: (843) 279-31-77


Membership for 800 RUB
The membership includes countless games for 2:00 hours on no coupon prize attractions.

Refill the game card by 1000 RUB and get 200 RUB Free
Refill the game card by 2000 RUB and get 500 RUB Free.

For groups, please contact us at:

279-30-71 or 8 9655 82 71 71 Vago Vasilina

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