Every day is a holiday at Korston Club Hotel: 

Кинотеатр Корстон Extra Lounge

SELFIE_BAR1.jpg   Дискотека_в_ЖуЖу.jpg

Воскресный семейный бранч в Корстоне   Бал Невест в Корстоне

Детский развлекательный парк в Корстоне   EXTRA_FOR_KIDS.jpg

  • Korston Club Cinema - beautiful and comfortable multiplex with contemporary cinema. Classic interior, comfortable seats, modern projection equipment, updated weekly repertoire. Candy-bar and fast food area, Sports Betting Bar.
  • Bright and stylish bowling and billiard, combined into one zone with Selfie Bar.
  • Unique for a city restaurant Extra Lounge, panoramic view, which will turn your visit into an unforgettable experience! Parties on Friday and Saturday.
  • Disco 80's has always been the most popular in its type. We are waiting for you on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays at Ju-Ju bar for  80's-90's Disco!
  • Our special project for families - Sunday Brunch. Our brunch will bring together family members and contributes to the creative development of children.
  • Another unique project for the Kazan - Wedding Fair. This interactive attraction and photo shoot, in the beautiful interiors of Korston, will fill in the time between the registration of marriage and the wedding ceremony.
  • Children's amusement park a great place for the leisure time of your kids, while you are at a business meeting.
  • Musical entertainment program - from Tuesday to Saturday at Le Buffet, and on Monday at EVOO.

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