Napoleon Hall Complex 


Our one-of-a-kind interiors and impeccable service will perfectly suit any event: 
-    Anniversary or wedding banquets for up to 50 guests 
-    Conferences and seminars for up to 100 guests 
-    Receptions for official delegations 
-    Talks or signing ceremonies 

Император банкет.jpg   Император П-образный.jpg   Каминный Банкет.jpg

Refined interior in a classic style that is made with precious woods. Reproductions of artists of the Renaissance 
and Rococo era on the ceilings: Michelangelo, Alberti, Pozzo, Romanelli, Buso 

Каминный Театр.jpg Переговорная Наполеон.jpg Император_банкет.jpg
The original layout of the halls opens up possibilities for events of a different format. For example, conducting a conference in the main hall "Emperor" (1), organize smaller seminars in the meeting room (2) and hold a reception in the room "Josephine" (3).Ones you have a banquet at "Emperor" hall, it is convenient to organize a "tea party"- meeting in the conference room "Josephine". At the "Fireplace" Hall (4) you can enjoy the cozy, comfort and warm atmosphere combined with impeccable service. 

схема залов Наполеон
1. Emperor 2. Meeting 3. Josephine 4. Fireplace