What is Korston Сlub?

Bonus program

Korston Club opens up new opportunities for its members. As a club member you accumulate club bonus points – Korstons – while you relax, enjoy yourself and go shopping. Collect your Korstons and use them for shopping, entertainment, and other Korston services. And don’t forget about Korston Club special offers!


A Korston Club client’s personal account is opened upon Korston Club Card registration and contains information about the number of accumulated, activated, and used Korstons, as well as other info about the Korston Club client’s activities. Your personal account detail is available at:

  • At the reception desk
  • You can always call us
  • At Korston Club's bill 


         •  If you have lost your Korston Club Card, you may order a replacement at one of our Korston Club service centers.  
         •  For card replacement, the club member’s passport is required.   
         •  For more detail on card replacement, please call us at Korston Club service centers.