Korstons spending

Where can I use Korston Club card?

• 4* Hotel - Room payments;
 Gourmet restaurant Extra Lounge with panoramic Moscow view;
• Italian restaurante EVOO;
• Bars Ju-JuVodka Bar and Girls Bar;
• For most of the events at Korston: BrunchWedding fair and others;
• Order of Custom cakes;
Parking payments.

• 4* and 5* Hotels - Room payments;
• Club restaurant Extra Lounge, located at the highest point of Kazan.
• Restaurant Le Buffet;
• Italian place EVOO;
• Club Bar Ju-Ju;
• Popular hang out place  - Vienna cafe;
• Trading fashion house Korston House of Brand;
• Order your Custom Cakes;
• For most of the events at Korston: BrunchWedding fair and others;
• Bowling and Billiard;
Cinema "Korston";
• Laundry;
• Parking payments

• 4* Hotel - Room payments;
• The most sophisticated retaurant - Extra Lounge;
• italian place EVOO;
• Cozy cafe THE MOST;
• Bar Promenade and SUSHI BAR;
• Laundry;
• For most of the events at Korston: BrunchWedding fair and others;
• Parking payments.

General rules of Korstons:

• 1 Korston is 1 RUB

• Mixed payment (RUB and Korstons) per one selling unit is not possible.

• Accumulated Korstons can be exchanged for any goods and services of the company that is consider being a participants of the program. Korstons intended to encourage purchases of individuals and can not be used to pay compensation for corporate events or other purchases / transactions of legal entities.

• You can not get any goods or services in exchange off Korstons without a card. Use of Korstons is possible only upon presentation of the card.

• Number Korstons debited from the account upon receipt of the goods or services specified in a special check. At the same time it should be confirmed by your signature on the check.

• When returning goods (purchased for cash or by credit card), the acquisition of which was accrued Korstons, we will remove these Korstons from  account, except the return of the goods of inadequate quality.

• In case of return of goods received in exchange for Korstons, Korstons will be debited with the purchase of the returned goods.

• Korstons can only be assessed and used by the cardholder.