Accumulate more Korstons

To quickly save more Korstons you will need to follow two simple rules:
1. With each purchase in the network of all Korston Club Hotels show you card
2. Follow the news of Korston. We constantly update promotions that will allow you to get more Korstons.

You can always get one of the five types of Korstons:
  • Club - accrued by all Korston Club cardholders. Their size is 5% of the check amount
  • Premium – accrued by Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond cardholders. Amount can vary from 20% to 100% of the accrued club Korston
  • Personal – accrued during your birthday. Only 3 days before and 7 days after your birthday. Come over and us it to celebrate your birthday in Korston style!
  • Promotional-Korstons – for the purchase of certain promotional items, such as new products in the menu. These accrual applies only to a particular product. Their size depends on the currently running action
  • Happy Korstons – promotional Korstons tied to the date, time and place of purchase. For example, purchase in the restaurant on weekdays from 14 to 18 hours. Their size also depends on the currently running action
The most important thing! All these Korstons summarized together. So watch out for promotions and our email-newsletters - we'll keep you up to date with the news! Below, we have an example of the calculation of Korstons.
Новый бонусный чек

Korstons Accrual 
  • Korstons will be accumulated with every purchase of goods or services within the complex, as well as special promotions and sweepstakes
  • Korstons will only be accumulated ones you show the cashier your bonus card, or tell him/her the cell phone number
  • Korstons awarded based on the cost of purchased goods and services
  • Usually it is 5% of the total bill. Credit card or cash
  • On some goods and services in certain periods you may receive extra Korstons. Specify information with managers
  • Korstons can be assessed and used only by the cardholder
  • Accrued Korstons calculated at the checkout automatically and displayed in a separate check called Korston Club
Korstons Activation 
Korstons Activation occurs automatically. In some cases the activation period may be different depending on the type of purchase: 
  • immediately - in all other cases
  • the date of the event - for individuals conducting an event
  • 14 days - if you buy the Korston House of Brands

Example of calculation of additional charges Korstons:
All charges, except the club Korstons, calculated as an additional percentage to the charged club Korstons. For example, making a purchase during your birthday gives you a 100% to the club Korston. If you have had a check for $ 100, you will get 5 Korstons club (5% of the amount of the check). Moreover, a 100% in these 5 Korston club that is another 5 Korstons. Thus, only for the purchase of the birthday you will get 10 Korstons. Or 10% of your check. We have doubled your Bonuses!)