Club Rules

1.       Korston Club program is a marketing program of KORSTON Group, which is under the control of "Korston Gold" (hereinafter – Organizer), according to which the Organizer under the conditions of its marketing policy accrues to an individual having a valid account in the framework of the Korston Club program (hereinafter - Client) at stake bonuses (Korstons) when purchases are made by Client from the Organizer.
2.       Under the terms of Organizers marketing policy the Client is entitled to receive bonuses (Korstons) only when the Client makes purchases of goods or services from KORSTON Group included in the Korston+.
3.       Bonuses (Korstons) are charged to the Client on his card, issued by the Organizer ones Client joined the Korston+.
4.       For Client to join the Korston+, Client must complete and sign Organizer’s  application form with General Terms of Participation in the Korston+.
5.       In accordance with the Korston+ program Client has the right to spend his or her Bonuses (Korstons) to produce goods in any enterprise of KORSTON Group, part of the Korsto+.
6.       Any account with no activity of 730 days will be canceled, any balance will be dismissed. In addition, the card will be blocked and cannot be used for charging or writing off Korstons.
7.       The Client hereby undertakes to provide to the Organizer accurate information about oneself by filling out the application form of Korston + program in accordance with the provisions of the marketing policies and programs Organizer Korston +.
8.       The Organizer: 

  •  Open a personal account of the Client bonus (Korstons) and create personal  customer card
  • Assign a unique number to the Client
  • Reflect all activity in a timely manner on the account of the Client
  • In accordance with the Russian legislation not to disclose the information about the Client to third parties
  • Publish information about Korston + program on your website
  • Crediting and debiting Clients Korstons with accordance to Korston+ program 

9.       Korston+ program can be changed unilaterally by the Organizer at any time and in its sole discretion.
10.   Any action of Korston + may be terminated by the Organizer unilaterally at any time and at its discretion, subject to mandatory prior notification of the Client one month before the intended date of termination of the program by placing appropriate information on the Organizer's website.
11.   Upon entry into the program, Client agrees to receive additional information from the Organizers program Korston + by ways and means of communication specified in the questionnaire of the Organizer.
12.   Korstons can only be assessed and used by the cardholder.