Korston Group is 10 years old

What a great celebration! The 10th anniversary of the Korston Group was observed in grand style, and this has been confirmed by your comments, dear guests. We would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this event a great success.

Победитель с ключамиEverything about the celebration was top notch, from the festive gourmet menu to the concert programme featuring star singers and top dance performances. Fashionistas admired the children’s fashion parade on the Place de Paris stage put on by our new Korston Exchange brand. Ballet dancers, aerial performers, stilt-walkers, and a lot of camaraderie and high spirits contributed to the festive atmosphere.

The grand opening of the stylish Tchaikovsky hall was the highlight of the celebration. It was here that we were treated to a concert featuring an amazing guitar solo by the famous singer and guitarist Vladimir Kuzmin and improvisational choreography involving our guests by Victor Saltykov, also a well-known Russian singer. Another highlight was our car prize draw in which 36 finalists participated. Darko Obradovitch from Montenegro won the car but elected to take his prize in our bonus currency, which amounted to 7 million Korstons.

That was not our last drawing for prizes, so look for our upcoming announcements. Our prizes await you! Thank you for your participation!