Billiard at Korston

  Бильярд Казани

Billiards Kazan Korston located on the 3ed floor for all Korston guests.  Бильярд Казань Корстон 
Cozy atmosphere, soft and comfortable furniture, light color of the interior and friendly staff create a pleasant atmosphere for recreation time.
Also, you will be pleased with the high quality of the new billiard tables and accessories.

At your service:

♦ 6 tables for Russian billiards
♦ 7 pool tables
♦ VIP-hall with Russian billiards
♦ sushi bar, and a bar with drinks
♦ sympathetic administrators
♦ next to bowling center


Price list
Working hours:
Sunday - Thursday - from 12.00 AM till 02.00 AM
Friday, Saturday from 12.00 AM to 03.00 AM

Tel. (843) 279-33-88, 279-30-00 call centre.

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